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About Cascadia Homebrew

211 4th Ave, Olympia 9850

(360) 943-2337 |

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ABOUT US... WHAT IS CASCADIA HOMEBREW? We are three business' in one central location. First we are a supply store for hombrewers. At Cascadia Homebrew we supply the community with quality brewing ingredients of which most are locally sourced. Our hops are from Yakima Valley Hops which is a small hop distributor in Yakima, WA. We have found that many homebrew supply shops do not have a large selection of organic grains, we have as many organic grains that we can find and make them available to you. We also have a wide variety of Gluten Free grains. If you need equipment we also have a great selection to choose from. Second we are a U-Brew or Brew-On-The-Premise store. This means that you can brew your own beer at the shop. If you are new to brewing we will guide you through the whole process and even have easy to follow recipes. Once you have a few brew sessions under your belt feel free to create your own recipe and switch to the the all-grain brewing method. You can create any ale recipe you want from a Juniper Rye to an Imperial Black IPA. Once brewed we will clean up for you and monitor the fermentation process. After about 2 weeks you come back to the shop to bottle or fill your keg. It is that easy to become a craft brewer. And finally Cascadia Homebrew is also be Olympia's newest brewery! This means that while you brew you can drink fresh beer on tap. And if you are coming to the store to shop for ingredients, no worries, you can drink while you shop too! The beers on tap will change often to keep things interesting. A few beers that you will see is the Juniper Rye, Red Hefewiezen, Beer without Borders, Smoked Wheat, 1776 Stout, Bourbon Oak Porter, and a Ginger Saison. Of course there will also be a constant flow of delicious IPAs!



11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Closed Tuesdays

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