Grand Mound

Grand Mound is a small community of under 1,000 people in a rural part of the county characterized by flat prairies of camas and bunch grasses with stands of oaks and Douglas fir trees. The community is bounded by the Chehalis River to the southwest and by the freeway to the east.

Native Americans historically had a number of villages in the Upper Chehalis region. A major village existed in Grand Mound, called ‘aqàaygt, which meant “long prairie.” The bulbs of blue-flowered camas that still grows in prairies around Grand Mound were an important component of their diet. To encourage the growth of camas and other edible plants, the tribes regularly burned the prairies. Today, controlled burning is being employed on preserved lands to maintain and restore prairies.

With the addition of Great Wolf Lodge Grand Mound is growing into a commercial area with Visitor Services.